New Year New You!

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Happy new year guys!!!

So, here comes the “new year new me” quote we all say/tweet every year, right?! BUT how do we actually put that quote into practice?
Well my lovely Body Goals ladies I’m about to give you all the tips and tricks you need this new year for MOTIVATION!

1. ORGANISATION Get yourself a diary! If you’re slightly unorganised (like myself) a diary really is key for motivation and organisation. I write out my weekly workouts and my breakfast lunch and dinner ideas and shopping lists the week before so I know exactly what I need to do!
2. Set GOALS! Set a date that you want to achieve for fitness goals this will give you something to work towards and will motivation to achieve.
Remember be realistic with your goal.
I love working towards a goal. It gets me motivated, I love to smash any form of goal or target.
3. Offer yourself REWARDS! Nothing like smashing through something knowing you’re going to get a cheeky reward at the end, whether that’s buying a pair of shoes that have been on your wish list for months or simply just indulging in your favourite desert, we all love a reward so work hard in your work outs with that reward date in mind.
4. Write a MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE on a bit of paper on Sunday evening and leave under your pillow to get you started for a the week ahead. You’re probably thinking what is Kady going on about, however, it’s been proven that sleeping on a positive note gives a positive mind. Every little helps!?
5. DO NOT GIVE UP! Do not be disheartened if you’re not seeing results straight away, the body is a funny thing and everyone gets results at different times, eat healthy and follow my plans and you will soon see a “new you”
6. WORK IT. Just think of how you’re gonna look and feel when you see your ex at a party surely that’s all the motivation you need 😉

Make sure to check out the #BGCommunity page for further videos, recipes and words of wisdom from other body goals members!
Lots of love,
Kady xxx

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